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"evolution of humankind and the notion that everything is connected"

Si'i means « elevation » in Samoa language

Tethered to the core of our humanity

Sii explores the evolution of humankind and the notion that everything is connected. Since the beginning, the relationships between mankind and nature, spirituality, space, afterlife and one another have all served as fuel for our strive to survive. With these burdens of advancement, we find ourselves distanced further and further away even whilst tethered to the core of our humanity. This journey of discovery of mankind connection to Earth, space and each other is articulated through the language of contemporary dance and circus.

Co-directed by Gilles Veriepe (CieDK59) and Natano Faanana (Casus Circus) Sii merges circus artists and dancers from Australia and France to the haunting and enigmatic score of Vlad Roda Gil.

This French/Australian production brings together two artistic leaders in their respective fields of dance and circus, celebrating and accentuating a partnership of countries through art. France’s Gilles Veriepe is the Director of dance company CieDK59 which houses such creations as ‘She-Male’ and ‘Rouge Chaperon’. Co-Director, Samoan/Australian Natano Faanana of Casus Circus, renowned for productions Knee Deep and Driftwood. Combined, both Gilles and Natano bring to this collaboration over 20 years of creative experience fusing what is, a cross cultural celebration of art forms.


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